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Make a Difference in 20 Minutes

20 minutes productivityDoes it seems like there’s never enough time in the day to accomplish everything on your to-do list? We hear you. But we think that somewhere in each day you might have just 20 minutes that could be used differently.

Twenty minutes might seem like a big hunk of time to carve out of your jam-packed day. But then again, it might not seem like enough time to actually accomplish something meaningful. However,  20 minutes is the perfect amount of time (depending on how you use it) to see a variety of benefits, including:

  • Breaking up your routine
  • Helping you be more productive
  • Letting you tackle tasks you dread or having been putting off
  • Enabling you to learn something new
  • Sparking your creativity
  • Getting yourself connected to others
  • Allowing you time to rejuvenate and get centered

Doing things in short bursts and having a set time limit can make a big difference in your life and work.  

Here are some things that you can do in 20 minutes:

  • Go for a one mile walk (or run)
  • Take a power nap
  • Brainstorm blog post ideas
  • Write a to-do list for the next day
  • Run a quick errand
  • Call a friend and spend some time catching up with them
  • Write snail mail to a friend, family member, or business colleague
  • Do some yoga stretches
  • Update your phone, computer, tablet, etc
  • Clean up your desk
  • Read
  • Tackle interruptions that emerged from earlier interruptions
  • Calendar your to-do list and move items into scheduled activities
  • Blast through paperwork (or any other task you dread)
  • Get out of your office
  • Acknowledge someone else’s accomplishments in an email or a phone call
  • Decide the first thing you need to do tomorrow as schedule it as a priority
  • Attend to your network by asking a peer if there is something you can do to help them
  • Solicit feedback from your audience, peers or trusted advisors
  • Forward an article of interest to someone
  • Meditate
  • Organize something in your house if you work from home

Additionally, another thing you can do in 20 minutes is get some top-notch advice from experts who want to see your business succeed. Interested in learning more about a free 20 minute consultation with someone on the Chateau20 team to help take your affiliate efforts to the next level? Contact Tiffany Ponds-Kimbro (  We’re here to help you.

Get Started Promoting New Affiliate Programs – Part 2

getting started new affiliate programIn the previous post we looked at helping you get motivated to begin promoting an affiliate  program after you’ve signed up. In Part 2 , we want to offer some tips that will help immediately kick off your promotional efforts.

Here are 10 ways to jumpstart your affiliate promotions of a new program:

1. Put up the Creative

Ask the affiliate program manager for the best-converting creative. They know what works best to drive sales and conversions and will be happy to share it with you. This means you’ll hit the ground running. If you do nothing else (and we don’t recommend that option) this is the single most important step to getting started.

2. Create a Landing Page

Having a dedicated landing page for a product or service sets up a clear action for users to take. And makes it as easy as possible for them to take that action. You can feature the product on your home page or in a category from the home page. But a landing page might be useful if you have several pieces of information about a single product or service (such as blog posts, reviews, in-depth descriptions or specs).  Additionally, when you link a landing page to a specific campaign, piece of content, action, or source, you can see which channels are bringing in the most leads. You can also determine , which topics and offerings are of most interest, or which campaigns are the highest performing. This generates valuable insights that can help refine your knowledge of your target audience and your campaign strategies, and improve your overall effectiveness. Of course, you can also simply link to the merchant’s landing page. 

3. Write a Blog Post

At the very least write one blog post. It gets the ball rolling for the content to be found when consumers are searching. Link the post to the product landing page. Having unique content helps you with search and give consumers the feeling that you care about what you are promoting and not just bombarding them with offers to buy. (In future posts we’ll cover easy and creative ways to generate compelling, unique content on a consistent basis).

4. Do a Review

People are far more likely to give credence to a product or service when there is a review. The more personal, the better. Generic reviews that are glowing don’t always do the trick to drive conversions. Consumers are often skeptical of reviews that are too positive. So, strive for balance and honesty based on your experience. Also, be sure to tag the review (whether it’s a blog post, video, or user-generated reviews) as a review. People often search for the name of something + review. This will also help you get noticed in the search rankings.

5. Make a Video

If you are promoting offers for a product that you can show or demonstrate – make a a video. Or do an unboxing video. Video is a an effective and powerful way to show off a product. It also will get people to spend time on your site. If the offers are for a service or something that doesn’t lend itself to being demonstrated, you can still do  video. but you’ll need to get creative. For example: you can use software to weave together still images of a hotel or destination you re promoting. Overlaying text on the images can make it more unique. Your audience will still have the visual experience even if it’s not “live” moving images.

6. Celebrate a Holiday

We’re not talking about just leveraging the big/obvious ones like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. There are plenty of other days that you can use as a hook to tie into promotions. There are calendars that show offbeat and funny holidays (think Golfer’s Day, International Museum Day, National Wine Day, National Dog Day, and more).  You can use these as a jumping off point to create interest and excitement For example: if you’re promoting a hotel, or a travel destination, and it’s Golfer’s Day, you could promote the idea that the hotel brand has many locations close to great golf courses. Or for National Dog Day, you might highlight that the brand has pet friendly policies. Earth day – showcase elements that show he brand is eco-friendly.

7. Get Social

Don’’t be shy about spreading the news across your social media. One of the most effective ways to drive people to specific landing pages or pieces of content is to promote those offers to your followers. Use consistent branding and links across all platform, but tailor each message to the audience on the specific social outlet.

8. Boost a Post

If you have an offer, content or something that you’ve promoted on social media and you feel that it’s simply not getting the attention it deserves – boost the post. It’s often just a few dollars to boost a post on a social media platform. On Facebook the cost an be as little as $10. This enables you to see how these offers perform and if it’s worth it to purchase an ad on that platform in the future.

9. Leverage your Newsletter/Email List

If you’ve recently signed up with a program, let those that have opted into your email list or newsletter know. You can send them an email with the new offers. Including any new promotions in your newsletter is also a great idea. Highlight new programs offers as “Hot Deals”. Think about maybe even offering special or exclusive deals to your newsletters subscribers. Be sure to include offer links that go directly to your landing page.

10. Pin It!

If you already have a Pinterest account, add a board that specifically focuses on whatever you’re promoting from the newest program you’ve joined. Pinterest is a good way to visual promote offers. And remember that Pinterest is often aspirational. So, if you’re promoting travel and destinations, use compelling images that evoke emotions.

Good luck with promoting the new program you’ve joined. And, as always, reach out to  the affiliate program manager if you have any questions. Chateau 20 loves to help affiliates be productive and successful.

Read Get Started Promoting New Affiliate Programs – Part 1

Get Started Promoting New Affiliate Programs – Part 1

started with new affiliate programsYou know that feeling of excitement when you first sign up for an affiliate program? There are thoughts of “I bet I could make a lot of money with this one”. But then you get distracted. You get in the weeds with day-to-day tasks – social media, adding offers for other programs, writing blog posts, etc. The list goes on and on.

Chances are that if you didn’t start promoting offers from that new program immediately, you’re going to keep putting off. Eventually, you might just forget you even signed up.

So, here are some simple ways to get productive with a new program immediately – even if you feel like you have some hurdles.

Change Your Mindset

Don’t think of joining a new program as more work for you. Instead, remember that for every day you’re not promoting that program, you’re leaving money on the table. So, if you feel your time is worth $15 or $25 or $50 an hour and you spend 4 hours working on getting started, you may have spent up to $200 worth of effort. However, if that effort yields an additional $200 a month, it more than paid for your initial time.

Don’t Procrastinate

It’s human nature to put things off. We get it, you’re busy. But even if you just start with baby steps, it’s better than nothing. Just put up the links. Build the landing page. Write a blog post. Promote the program in your newsletter. Also, once you do something (anything, really) you’re more apt to continue. It’s kind of like changing eating habits. It’s always a big effort at first, but once you start to see results, there’s more motivation to keep going. And earning commissions should be the ultimate motivation for your affiliate business.

Look at What Others are Doing

Maybe you signed up for program on a whim. The opportunity was there right in front of you  and you just figured what the heck. But now you’re not even sure what is the most effective way to promote this program. Or maybe you just can’t think of an appropriate blog post, if you’re content affiliate. There’s no harm in checking out what other affiliates are doing. It’s easy enough to do a search for the merchant and see what is ranking. You can then see if there are affiliate links on any of those page. Spend some time perusing affiliate sites and see how they’ve promoted the offers. We’re not advocating you copy from other affiliates, but rather look to them for inspiration. Then you can put your own twist on things.

Don’t Ignore Communications

Your inbox is bursting at the virtual seams. But don’t ignore the communications from the affiliate manager. Most affiliate managers try to be respectful of your time and if they sent you an email, there’s worthwhile information or offers included. The same goes for the regular newsletter communications. Be sure to read them to make sure you’re not missing out on a valuable promotional opportunity that will make you money. Often these communications will also include quick tips and ideas that can help you get started.

Ask for Help

Affiliate program managers want you to succeed. So, if there’s something you need (additional creative, more details about the best methods for promotion, specific target demographic info) speak up! Shoot an email. Pick up the phone. A good affiliate manager is eager to help you. They are immersed in the program and should have educational materials, ideas, and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Ashley Holyoak, Chateau 20’s Publisher Development Manager, suggests asking your affiliate manager for the best-converting creative. They’ll be thrilled to send it to you.

The important thing is simply to get started. However, once you’ve decided to put forth some effort to begin promoting a program, you’ll need a plan for making the most of the opportunity.

Read get Started Promoting New Affiliate Programs – Part 2 for actionable promotion tips.

Focus on the Big Picture of Your Affiliate Business

big picture affiliate businessSometimes affiliates can get mired in the day-to-day running of their business. That can mean a daily deluge of posting new creatives, updating offers, adding new content, and engaging and promoting via social media. It can be overwhelming – not to mention time consuming.

It’s often said that in order to move your business forward you need to work ON your business and not IN your business.Sometimes it’s difficult to see the larger picture. Especially when your earnings are the direct result of executing your daily tasks.

Imagine, instead of spending all your time on the day-to-day,  taking a full week to implement efforts that will make you more money. You may sacrifice earnings from a single week. Perhaps a costly choice. But what if that effort produced a 10 to 20% lift in weekly income going forward? Wouldn’t that make working ON your business a worthwhile priority?

Here are some signs that you might be working too much IN your business and not enough ON your business:

1. You’re Not Questioning the Status Quo

If you’re simply moving from activity to activity, or project to project without a plan, that is cause for concern. Growing your business is not just about getting the daily tasks done. You can hire someone to tackle those things. You shouldn’t always be heads down. Instead, you should be asking why are we doing things this way? What would take the business to the next level? How can I improve things? Are there new partners I can work with?

Red Flag: No planning blocks scheduled on your calendar.

2. You’ve Stopped Listening

You’re not seeking input from those working with or for you. You are not soliciting idea, insights or suggested improvements.  It’s never healthy to think or behave as if you have all the answers to every problem. By ignoring outside perspectives you’re missing out on more than information–you’re missing out on building team moral.

Red Flag: Thinking or saying: “This is how we’ve always done things!” is a signal you’re shut down.

3. You’ve Become a Control Freak

It’s your business and you know best what and how to do everything.

Expertise is valuable. Dependency is crippling. If your business can’t operate effectively without you, it’s vulnerable to instability. Doing more (and more) yourself, with higher expectations for better outcomes, adds personal stress–not professional scale.

Red Flag: A profound sense of ‘security’ based on your lengthy To-Do list.

4. You’re Unable to Admit Mistakes

The ability to admit you were wrong is no longer there. Or maybe you’ve become too attached to your ideas. Or maybe a strong sense of perseverance won’t let you stop – even when what you’re doing is unsustainable. In either situation, the result is ultimately the same: the big picture is lost.

Red Flag: You rarely acknowledge wrongdoing — even minor goofs.

5.You’re Just Too Busy

“I just don’t have the time to do anything else!” If that is your daily mantra, you may be in trouble. Additionally, it’s a problem if you’ve started to rationalize NOT taking the time to do other things. This is a clear sign that you have started down a path of potential misfires and bad decisions.

Red Flag: Others frequently tell you: You’re really busy.

If you find that you have experienced one or more of these warning signs recently, do yourself and your business a favor: take a half-day for yourself. Get out of your own way. Spend time away from your office and business. Think about where you want your business to be in the next several months or year. It’s a good time to dust off your business plan and see how close you are to the plan with your current state of affairs.

Chateau20 Celebrates National Puppy Day

It’s National Puppy Day!  The C20 team loves our canine pets. So, we thought we’d share some photos of our furry, four-legged family members. Not all of them are pups anymore, but they’re still adorable.

C20’s Doggie Team Members

[caption id="attachment_1422" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Brandi Feuer’s pup Emma[/caption]



[caption id="attachment_1420" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Chris Park’s office helpers Colt the Yellow Lab and Mauser the Miniature Schnauzer[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_1421" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Lisa Riolo’s buddy Connor[/caption]


Our clients also love pets too.  Choice Hotels offers more than 2,500 pet-friendly hotels where pets can stay with their humans. That’s just one of many reasons to love Choice Hotels.  Are you currently part of the Choice Hotels affiliate program? If not, contact Chris Park (


Meet the Team: Ashley Holyoak

At Chateau 20 we enjoy really getting to know our clients, partners, and affiliates. Actually, we’re pretty obsessed about it. And we’d also like you to know more about us. You have probably talked with a Chateau 20 team member on the phone. You’ve definitely gotten emails from them. So, if you’ve ever wondered, “What is Ashley Holyoak’s pet peeve?” or “Does Ashley have a hidden talent?”  Here’s your chance to find out.

Ashley Holyoak, Chateau 20 Publisher Development Manager,  answers 20 questions

Favorite food to eat: Indian Curry

2.The one dish you cook to impress someone: Chile Rellenos

3 .Go-to karaoke song  Uhhh.. I will sit back and watch 🙂

4. First job you ever had: I was the mouse at Chuck E. Cheese. I quit after two weeks.

5 .Biggest pet peeve: People chomping!

6. Hidden talent: When I was younger I used to replicate characters from VHS movie covers.

7. Proudest accomplishment: My husband and I recently patented our first product!

8. Most cherished possession: My family

9. When it comes to social gatherings – is your preference to be the party thrower or the party goer?: I love the thought of having people over and entertaining, but don’t want to clean the mess. So, I usually opt to be the party-goer.

10. Your biggest fear: Circumstances I can’t improve or change.

11.Three words your friends would use to describe you: Positive, supportive, and driven

12. Your quirkiest habit: I love smelling soap containers – dish soap, laundry soap. It’s a problem.

13. Band or musical act you’ve seen at least 3 times: I don’t get out very often, but I did get to see Danny Gans perform 3 times before he passed. He was a great performer!

14. Dogs or cats?: Dogs! Especially small ones!

15. A book you love and have gifted to several friends: I haven’t gifted any books, but my favorite are personal and spiritual growth books.

16. Describe your personal style/look: Somewhat trendy, but also comfortable.

17. Your perfect Sunday: Disconnecting from technology and enjoying time with my family.

18. Your celebrity crush: I don’t really have any, but I used to be way into Scott Stapp, who was the lead singer of Creed.

19. Your first car: Toyota Corolla

20: What are you passionate about?: Finding happiness and enjoyment in everything I do.

Want to know more about Ashely’s professional background? Check out her LinkedIn profile.

Promoting Spring Break is Big for Affiliates

travel affiliates spring breakIf you’re a travel affiliate you know that seasonality can definitely impact your business. But affiliates promoting travel-related offers now have a new season to look forward to  – Spring Break.

Over the last few years, Spring break has officially become its own seasonal occurrence and promoting it can be big business. IBISWorld estimates that Spring Breakers spent $1.8 billion in 2017, boosting revenue for travel and hospitality industries in the United States.

Of late, consumers are more focused on taking a break and getting away than searching for a specific destination. In the past Spring Break has primarily been associated with rowdy college kids partying in warm climate locations such as Daytona Beach, Florida and Cancun, Mexico.

Spring Break began in the 1930’s as a vacation period in early spring at universities and schools, However, it now includes time off for all educational levels from kindergarten to college. It’s also often known as Easter vacation, Easter holiday, April break, Spring vacation, mid-term break, study week, reading week, reading period, or Easter week. And while Spring Break is mostly about shaking off the winter chills in a warm climate, it’s more about just taking a needed and scheduled break.

So here are some ways that travel affiliates can make hay during Spring Break:

Go Big for Spring Break

Just as you would other seasonal travel times like Christmas and Thanksgiving travel, be sure to group offers together. Having all offers in one place under a single creative on your home page can help drive sales. It also streamlines the search process for consumers who aren’t sure what they want to do over the break. 

Highlight Top Destinations

The leading booking engines will send out lists of top destinations. Be sure to highlight offers for those popular destinations. Think about having your own list of top 10 or 25 Spring Break destinations to draw in consumers.

According to these are the top destinations for 2018 spring break

  • Atlanta
  • Atlantic City
  • Cancún
  • Clearwater Beach
  • Corpus Christi
  • Daytona Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Key West
  • Las Vegas
  • Miami
  • Miami Beach
  • Monterey
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Nashville
  • New Orleans
  • Ocean City
  • Orlando
  • Palm Springs
  • Panama City Beach
  • Playa del Carmen

Think Beyond Fly and Flop

With Spring Break becoming more popular beyond just college partiers, you need to think about other travelers. There are families, baby boomers, and millennials. Many of those groups aren’t looking to fly to a warm beach destination and just soak in the sun. Beach destinations remain popular, but travelers are also using spring break to explore Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.

Additionally, many travelers want to balance relaxation with experiences. That can mean promoting cultural immersion tours, backpacking adventures, yoga retreats and spas, as well as wine tasting tours and more.

Think Inside the (Batter’s) Box

Often there are other annual seasonal events that correspond with Spring Break – like Spring Training. There are millions of baseball fans that are devoted to their teams. And promoting offers for destinations in Florida and Arizona where all the Major League Baseball team have training facilities, is a good way to draw in more travelers. Having a special Spring Training page and listing hotels and accomodations near each team’s Spring Training field is a good idea.

Remember Not Everyone Wants Sun

While beach and sunny destinations are hugely popular, there are a lot of travelers that relish the chance to hit the slopes in the spring. There’s still plenty of great skiing out West in Colorado, Nevada and California. In addition, many East Coast ski resorts are still experiencing perfect skiing conditions. 

Pound the Pavement

Not everyone taking a Spring Break will be flying. Some folks use the break to travel by car. Catering to these road warriors is well worth your time. Be sure to promote these offers under your Spring Break umbrella but have a separate page for road trips. You can offer links to driving maps, local attractions and promote festivals or events as well.

With Spring Break firmly establishing itself as a seasonal event, it’s important for travel affiliates to make the most of the time period. So, start establishing some solid promotional plans that can act as a foundation for you to repeat every year.

Get Unstuck from Your Routine

shake u your routine and get unstuckIt’s good to shake things up every once in while. And that includes your work routine.

Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Or not as productive as you’d like. Or perhaps you just need something new to get you inspired and motivated.

Having a routine is often the key to being productive – especially if you’re affiliate and working at home. But sometimes a routine can feel like a rut. You’re tackling that to-do list like a boss, but every now and again it feels like simply going through the motions. You’ve developed processes and put systems in place that make you efficient. But after awhile it’s like the movie Groundhog Day. If you know that feeling, it might be time to change up how you approach work on daily basis.

And while having a routine might make you more efficient, often it can lead to being stuck working in your business rather than on your business.

Here are some ways to shake up your routine:

Create a New Schedule

If you wake up at the same time each day and do the same tasks in a same order, try switching it up. Instead of heading straight for the home office when you wake up, hit the gym or go for a walk. Maybe you normally work at your desk for lunch. Instead try scheduling a lunch meeting with a friend or business contact.

Additionally, think about how your get through your daily to-list and how you can build in time for working on bigger picture issues. That might mean designating one day or half a day each week to just thinking about expansion, implementing new strategies, or developing a plan for future growth.

Change Locations

If you always work in a same location, try picking one day a week to work elsewhere. Maybe it’s a cafe, or a co-working space, or even another room of the house. Being physically located in a different environment takes your brain off auto-pilot. You never know what ideas your brief work hours in a new space might inspire.

Build in Flexibility

Being over-scheduled or having a monster to-do list, puts you in a state of constantly moving quickly to complete tasks in specific order and on time. It also means you have no time to just let your mind wander or to think about other issues. You’re simply in get-stuff-done mode.

Try pairing down on the number of must-do items. Having some breathing room and focusing only on your top priorities for the day or week will give you some flexibility in your schedule. It also means that if something important comes up, or there is an unscheduled interruption, you’re entire day won’t be thrown off course.

Get Creative – Literally

Take time out to be creative. Either do an art project or build something with no reason or obligation to do the project except to be creative. When you’re focused on something that uses another part of your brain, you often come up with solutions to other problems. It’s also good for your mind to relax and recharge and creative activities allow for that.

Learn a New Skill

Make a point of learning a new skill unrelated to your business or work. It can be anything – meditation, a craft, CPR  – whatever is of interest. Incorporating “practice” time will unstick the stuck.


It an be invorgating to spend time with colleagues or peers. This is especially true if you’re isolated by working from home. So, whether it’s planning a once a week lunch with a different person each week or attending a local business meet-up, it’s good to interact with others. If making it out of the home office is overwhelming or not practical, you can try starting a mastermind group via phone or over the internet. Or think about trying to set up a call with one new person each week to talk about business opportunities.

Additionally, not every networking opportunity needs to be focused specifically on your business or industry. Often talking with people in other areas of business will spark on idea. You’ll also likely find that others face many similar challenges of running a business. They might have some good strategies for you. Or, at least, you can commiserate.

Find Help

If you’re in a financial position to hire someone, that will certainly help shake up your routine. Delegating daily tasks to others frees you up to think about growing your business. Instead of being mired in the day-to-day, your valuable time can be spent on bigger issues that could earn you more money. However, when hiring anyone, make sure to have clear systems in place and provide employees with the tools, resources, and instructions to independently complete their tasks. You don’t want overseeing every move of a new employee to be added to your daily to-do list.

Altering your current routine can spark innovation and efficiency. It will probably take a while to get accustomed to the new normal, but once you do, you’ll be firing on all cylinders. However, remember that your new routine may also eventually turn into a rut. So, you might want to think about shaking things up once a year or every 18 months.

Affiliates Must Overcome Cobbler’s Children Syndrome

affiliates cobbler's children syndromeOne of the things we hear most from affiliates is that they are great at promoting the products and services of other, but not so good at promoting themselves.  It’s the “Cobbler’s Children Syndrome” – where the proverbial children of the shoemaker go without shoes.

This is particularly evident when affiliates are seeking new relationships with brands or potential partners. Affiliates often can’t clearly communicate exactly what they do, their key differentiators, or even the basics – like audience demographics, traffic numbers, the point of view (POV) of their site, and rates for paid placements.

It’s not that they don’t have this information. It’s that they haven’t formalized a way to communicate the information to others. Sure, a phone call or face-to-face meeting often clears up any questions others may have, but those aren’t always the best way to get their message across.

Plus, that tact requires affiliates to be proactive – meaning the affiliate can miss out on opportunities with potential partners who may be searching for a relationship. An affiliate can  be overlooked or not even found because there is a lack of detail about their business or they don’t immediately stand out as relevant for that particular situation.

Shout from the Rooftops

We believe that affiliates are their own brands and as such, have more power than they think to negotiate innovative partnerships. But this is a very competitive landscape and affiliates must toot their own horn to be noticed.

And there are some simple steps you can take to make sure others are clear on why they should work with you, what the benefits of a partnership may be, and why you’re unique.


Affiliates need to highlight why working with them presents a unique opportunity for all parties. To do that, you need to showcase your differentiators. It’s easy to think your company is different from competitors, but it’s often hard to articulate. You should determine your differentiators. Then write them down and have a document (or PDF) that can be easily shared with potential partners.

Here are a few  questions that might spark some ideas about your unique qualities as an affiliate:

  • Are you focused on a specific group (busy moms, healthy kids, yoga for men, reviews for newbies)?
  • Do you take a stance on ethical business issues?
  • Is your preference to only work with like-minded brands (eco-friendly, liberal return policies, etc.)?
  • Do you only allow verified deals?
  • Do you work only with companies that guarantee their products?
  • Is there a community component and are those members engaged?
  • Do you offer cashback or rewards?
  • Is there a specific tone to your content (education, humorous, etc.)?
  • What gives your site a personal touch?
  • Are there a higher than average number of repeat buyers?
  • Do you only allow specific types of deals?
  • Do you have specific tools that help boost conversions?
  • How do you handle paid placements or sponsorship opportunities?

Elevator pitch

Just like a startup business, affiliates need to be able to communicate what they do in 15 seconds. That means you must have a written statement that consists of just one or two sentences to explain what the business does, it’s POV, why its different, and who it serves.

For example: is a daily blog and comprehensive review site that promotes exoctic travel destinations for families by offering deals and travel tips. After 5 years in business and with over 250,000 views per month, we’re able to help families find the best accomodations, airfare, destination tours and more by partnering with the leading global travel providers.

Social Media

Naturally, you have created all the needed social media presence for their sites and are actively engaging followers and promoting products and offers. But you need to take it a step further. Make sure that your affiliate business has a profile on LinkedIn. This is like a resume for the business and goes beyond the website’s About page. This where to include information such as differentiators, and expanded facts about the business. Information, data and facts compiled should be relevant for a business partner to know.  But maybe not things shared with consumers on the website.

One Sheeter

This should be comprised of much of above information, but it must be succinct and organized to be quickly digestible. This is what you’ll likely send to people who inquire about your business and working with you. Include stats about the site’s visitors, conversions, repeat buyers, etc. Additionally, include any information about rates for paid placements or sponsorships.

In addition to providing information for potential partners, compiling these elements help you think differently about highlighting what makes your site special. You might find some information is appropriate to include on the website to help attract a wider consumer audience.

Chateau 20 Hearts Affiliate Marketing

Hearts, flowers, cards and lots of chocolate. It must be Valentine’s Day. This is when we declare our undying love for our sweeties and those that make our hearts soars. The Chateau 20 team is passionate about loved ones, but they also love their work. Here are some things that really makes their hearts flutter.

What do you love about online marketing?

Aaron Yeh, Digital Media Manager: I love how digital marketing allows you to get such accurate feedback – both behavioral and conversational – from your customers and clients. I don’t have to wait 30+ days to understand the lift my clients are getting from our activities. It’s all at my fingertips.

Ashley Holyoak, Publisher Development Manager: One of my favorite things is having the ability to communicate valuable information and products to people around the world. The first time I heard about affiliate marketing was about 8 years ago. Ever since that day I have pretty much immersed myself – both professionally and as a personal passion. Today, we have so much information available to us that enables us to provide immense value to a person right when they are searching for it. That’s amazing!

Brandie Feuer, Director of Strategy: Online marketing is always changing and it’s a true marriage of the art of branding and the science of data.

Chris Park, Partner Relationship Manager: The friendships. There are so many industry folks I’ve met over the years that I now consider friends. I’d miss them all if I left the industry.

Lisa Riolo, VP of Operations and Special Projects: Online marketing engages both the left and right sides of my brain. It’s an expression of art and science. Magic and mechanics. I get to be analytical and imaginative. So, I love that online marketing is technology, data, creativity, psychology (and persuasion), economics and relationships all in one place.

Tiffany Ponds-Kimro, Offer Management/Publisher Development: The fact that it’s so broad and can cover so many aspects (social, affiliate, SEO, content, web development) and just about every industry will have to use it at some point.

How do you show love to a client or publisher?

Aaron: I like to make a donation to a client’s preferred charity in their name for special occasions – maybe it’s an anniversary of starting to work with them, or we just wrapped a huge campaign, or it’s their birthday. Direct gifts can sometimes be awkward, but helping out a cause that’s important to them. And it feels great for everyone involved.

Ashley: Being a bit of a foodie (and having the luxury of living in Las Vegas with so many great restaurants everywhere) I like to treat my publishers to a delicious and exciting dinner. One time our team took some affiliates to Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at the Cosmopolitan. If your looking for a restaurant full of energy and fun, I highly recommend checking it out!

Brandie: I love sending snail mail. Send me your address and prepare to get multiple holiday cards!

Chris: I know many publishers personally, so I always like to ask about their family, congratulate them on personal successes. And I’ve been known to send an Edible Arrangement or two.

Lisa: I try to show my sincere appreciation – mostly expressed in words. I believe in thanking and encouraging business partners. These are little proclamations of “love” that help me stay optimistic and positive.

Tiffany: Dropping a quick call to let them know I’m around if they need me.

Tell us something you love and couldn’t live without during your workday.

Aaron: Having  a second or third monitor for my workstation. I literally don’t understand how anyone can work with a single monitor! I feel like I save at least 30 minutes a day not having to tab out of different applications or web pages.

Ashley: I am going to have to say coffee to this one. Particularly Pumpkin Spice from Starbucks. Yes, I am that girl! Additionally, I have to include personal development audios and books, which are a staple in my day-to-day routine. I can’t get enough.

[caption id="attachment_1354" align="alignright" width="300"] Brandie’s pup Emma[/caption]

Brandie: These days, I couldn’t live without my 2lb pup, Emma. She’s always sleeping right beside me while I work.

Chris: I love my home office. Great view out my window. Alexa plays my favorite tunes. And my office mates may snore a bit, but they’re good company.

Lisa: I’m a little obsessed with pure essential oils and the new diffuser sitting in my home office. Since getting it, I’m all about setting the ambiance to fit my mood. The aromatics and colored lighting is already integral to how I approach my work, energy and time management. It’s a fun gadget that focuses my intentions. I just love it.

Tiffany: I need my coffee for full coherence.

[caption id="attachment_1363" align="alignleft" width="300"] Must-have: COFFEE![/caption]